Musculoskeletal pain

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Musculoskeletal pain

Are you experiencing chronic pain?

Persons with spinal cord injury are known to suffer some form of chronic pain.

Studies show that 90% of persons with SCI have had chronic pain.

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Problems in the muscles, joints or bones can cause Musculoskeletal pain in individuals suffering SCI (Spinal Cord Injury).

Are you suffering pain from Spinal Cord Injury (SPI) :


Pain for individuals with SCI can occur in areas of normal sensation as well as in parts of the body where there is little or no feeling after injury. This type of pain on top of the nuerological affects of Spinal Cord Injury can be an added pressure on an individuals overall quality of life.

Musculoskeletal pain in patients with SCI is often caused by the after effects of the injury, overuse or strain, tear of the joints, or from wheelchair use (sitting, transferring).

Upper limb pain: (shoulder, elbow and hand) pain is often caused by overuse of the muscles from doing transfers and pressure relief maneuvers and from pushing a wheelchair. It can occur months or many years after injury.

People with higher level injuries who use computers or joysticks for many activities (reading, communicating, environmental controls) may develop pain in the hand, arm or shoulder from overuse. Upper limb pain can make it difficult for you to transfer safely and perform other activities of daily living.

Back and neck pain: People with paraplegia who have had surgery to fuse their spine, increased motion that occurs just above and just below the fusion can lead to back pain.  

People with tetraplegia (quadriplegia) may also have back pain, especially if they are able to walk but still have weakness. People who use chin- or mouth-operated joysticks may sometimes develop neck pain.

Muscle spasm pain happens when muscles and joints are strained from spasticity.