Back Pain Truths

Often times jobs that require heavy lifting or just simply sitting at a desk day in and day out, can lead to back pain. Statistics show that 80 % of employees in the U.S. experience back pain.

Truth: Surgery Not The End All - Cure All

Surgery is not always the answer to curing back pain. Severe back pain can limit a workers day to day routine. Read on to learn the truth about back pain and the best ways to treat it.

Slipped disk injury (herniated or ruptured disk) - Back surgery doesn't have to be the answer . Back pain is not a result of a herniated disk, but simply a pulled muscle or another problem that will heal on its own.

The right doctor will run extensive tests to determine if a patients pain is from a damaged disc. If the disc is damaged that doesn't mean that surgery is required.

90% of patients suffering pain in their back often times improve, with the proper treatment on their own within 6 weeks. If pain doesn't subside then surgery may help. Be for-warned back surgery is invasive and requires a long recovery time

Treatment Options

If you’re suffering from severe back pain, don’t feel like you’re alone. You can turn to many different types of experts to help you manage the pain and recover. Find a back pain, pain management doctor that can help relieve your pain, give you valuable recovery advice.

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