Physical Trauma From An Accident

Back Pain

Spine Rehabilitation usually comes after physical / emotional trauma from an auto accident. Finding the right pain management office that provides physical therapy that help patients recover from injury and pain can be challenging. The objective is to return to some level of normal movement and functioning. Physical therapy assists an accident victim in restoring his or her body to a healthy state.Physical therapy addresses both painful physical and psychological issues after a crash. Even a slight bender fender where someone is hit from behind in an auto accidents can have serious consequences physically. After a car crash, it is vital to seek medical assistance for pain and injury resulting from an auto accident. Common injuries include any of the following: Neck Pain Whiplash Numbness and/or Tingling Back Pain Shoulder Pain Sciatica Disc Injuries Headaches Arm Pain Leg Pain Knee Pain Dr. David Delman, Spinal Clinic, physical therapy and rehabilitation for auto accident injuries is prepared with a wide variety of treatments to help patients fully rehabilitate and recover from an auto accident. Find out how by giving one of New York's best pain doctors, Dr. Delman a call. Dr. Delman also takes workers compensation insurance.

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