Injured? You'll need an expert personal injury doctor

Your going to need an expert personal injury doctor if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Not just any doctor will do. of course because not only is your recovery important but also the documentation you need for a personal injury cases. Choosing the best accident doctor requires research and a little bit of help from resources such as MSR (Musculoskeletal Resources) which offers a directory of New York board board certified pain management specialists. MSR assists individuals who have suffered an injury following an car accident, work injury or sports related injury find a doctor that will lead you down the road to recovery after an accident. Types of Injuries Treated by Pain management Specialists: Common types of injuries sustained in crashes include the following: • Whiplash • Head injury • Joint, muscle, back, neck, bone injuries • Knee damage • Spinal cord injury • Shoulder injury • Paralysis

• quadriplegia • Permanent disability Whiplash - Car Accident/Collision: Whiplash which is directly related to vehicle collisions can occur during a simplictic fender bender. Unless you have the right physician this type of injury can be difficult to diagnose and to treat. That's why you need a physician that understand your symptoms and has dealt with thousands of back and neck injuries form car accidents. Whiplash happens when the impact of the vehicle being struck causes a persons head to violently snap back and forward, putting stress on the bones, disc, nerves, tendons of the neck area, and muscles. What to look for: have you recently been in an accident? Are you feeling any one of the following symptoms: • Headache • Neck pain • Jaw Pain • Shoulder pain • Dizziness • Exhausted • Blurry Vision • Back Pain • Ringing in your ears If you answered yes to any one of these questions you need to contact a pain doctor.

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