Sports Medicine Therapy For Athletes in Brooklyn

Athletes Count on Brooklyn Pain Docs for Sports Medicine Therapy

College football players, cyclists, swimmers, and gymnasts, our Sports Medicine Clinic treats all levels of athletes. With several locations throughout Brooklyn, NY our facilities also serve athletes of all ages who are working to overcome injury or improve movement. Our mission is to be a full service community destination for athletes and active people who seek quality sports medicine therapy for pain and injury. Brooklyn Pain Doc treats sports related injuries improving athletic performance, utilizing the skilled knowledge of sports medicine physical therapists. Sports Medicine massage therapy plays an important part in sports rehabilitation and muscle strengthening aiding in a faster recovery. Common complaints among athletes include low-back pain, joint pain and muscle tension. Brooklyn Pain Docs through sports massage therapy will relieve pain and increase range of motion. We are qualified to educate our clients about the best treatment available. Brooklyn Pain Doc is now accepting new patients. Call now for a Brooklyn Pain Doc closest to you.

Sports Medicine Locations Serving Brooklyn Neighborhoods:

  • Crown Heights. Weeksville

  • Ditmas Park.

  • Flatbush, Beverley Squares Beverley Square East, Beverley Square West. East Flatbush. Farragut. Fiske Terrace. Pigtown.

  • Prospect Park area. Kensington. Ocean Parkway. Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Prospect Park South. West Midwood. Windsor Terrace. Wingate. Midwood.


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