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September is National Pain Awareness Month and DHD Medical pain specialist in New York invite you to openly share your story of pain. Pain Awareness Month acknowledged by the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) in an effort to raise public awareness of issues in the area of pain and pain management.

DHD Medical would like to take part in this initiative awareness by opening a channel through our blog by letting you voice be heard. We encourage individuals in pain to share their stories and thought on social media using the hashtag #painfreelife. DHD Medical specializing in pain management wants you to know that we acknowledge your pain. We believe your pain is real. We want your voices to be heard. In doing so, we allow information towards research, treatment, and care to be broadcasted through our social media channels.

Share your story of pain Send an email to to the following questions:

  1. How long ago did your pain start?

  2. Under what circumstances did your pain first begin. (no reason, accident at work, car accident, sports injury, other...

  3. Where do you feel the pain (back pain, neck pain, leg pain, knee pain, shoulder pain etc...)

  4. Rate your pain 1 to 10.

  5. What relieves your pain?

  6. What increases your pain.

  7. Have you undergone any test to identify the source of your pain (Xray, MRI, EMG, Bone Scan, CT Scan)?

  8. What treatments have you undergone for your pain (physical therapy, surgery, injection therapy, etc...)?

  9. What type of healthcare professional have you seen? (chiropractor, massage, family doctor..)?

  10. Do you take pain medication?

  11. If your working does the pain effect your performance?

  12. Are you depressed, physically exhausted...?

Share with us whatever information you need to. This is your opportunity to be heard. We want to hear from you! Send us your story:

September is National Pain Awareness Month a time when DHD Medical New York pain specialists take a stand to educate and make anyone that will listen aware of common chronic pain issues and innovative treatments available.

September is National Pain Awareness Month -


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