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DHD Medical Spine Injury Doctors in New York offer minimally invasive procedures for patients with compression fractures of the spine. Injury to the spine can be addressed, treated without surgery.

"I had been in pain -- a lot of pain in my lower back. The excruciating back pain turned out to be a compression fracture in my spine." Patient.

Pain in your back? Find out what's causing your back pain now by asking a New York spine injury doctor.

Back Pain Doctors New York

Occurs when one or more bones in the spine weaken and crumple.

  • Common: More than 200,000 US cases per year

  • Treatment can help.

  • Requires a medical diagnosis

  • Lab tests or imaging often required

A compression fracture is typically caused by a loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) that occurs as part of aging. A fall, cough, or lifting of a heavy object may cause a fracture of the back bones.

Symptoms include: back pain, lost height, and a hunched-forward posture.

Treatments include: physical therapy and medications to relieve pain.

What does a spinal compression fracture feel like?

If compression fractures cause symptoms, these may include: pain in back, arms, or legs. numbness and/or weakness in arms or legs (if the fracture has affected the spinal cord and/or surrounding nerves in the spine).

What causes a compressed spine?

The causes of spinal cord compression include the following: Certain degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, can lead to spinal cord compression. A ruptured disk may lead to spinal cord compression. Injury to the spinal cord or the area around the cord can lead to swelling, which can cause compression.

How is a compression fracture treated?

Pain medicine to relieve your back pain.

Bed rest for a short time, followed by limited activity while your bones heal.

Wearing a back brace.

Physical therapy to help you move better and strengthen the muscles around your spine.

Is a compression fracture a broken back?

Two examples are compression fractures and axial burst fractures. A compression fracture occurs when the front of a vertebra breaks and loses a little of its height, but the back of that vertebra remains intact. Symptoms include pain in the back and sometimes in the arms or legs

Can old compression fractures cause pain?

Common to vertebral body compression fractures, patients will often experience worsening of their pain with movement, standing or riding in the car, especially when driving over bumps or potholes.

Non-invasive procedures for back pain:

  • Cold and heat. ...

  • Exercise. ...

  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy. ...

  • Mind-body techniques. ...

  • Yoga and tai chi. ...

  • Biofeedback. ...

  • Music therapy. ...

  • Therapeutic massage.

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