Rear-end accident injury facts

October 3, 2019

Car Accident Statistics in the U.S.

  • Average number of car accidents in the .U.S. every year is 6 million.

  • More than 90 people die in car accidents everyday.

  • 3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year in car accidents.

  • Around 2 million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year.



Rear-End Collisions Injuries Include:


Whiplash can even cause fractures to the neck vertebrae. Recovery is expected, Whiplash injuries can be painful and often require time off of work and activity to recover.


Acceleration-deceleration injury:

Injury syndromes commonly associated with hyperextension-hyperflexion of the neck. Most often caused by a rear-end auto accident. After a rear-end crash adrenaline rushes through ones body immediately. Symptoms may not appear right away.


Symptoms of a rear-end injury include:


  • Pain between the shoulder blades

  • Neck pain

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness,

  • Vision impairment

  • Back pain


Got Questions?


  • Should I go to the doctor after being rear ended?

  • What injuries can you get from being rear ended?

  • What happens to your body when you get rear ended?

  • How long does it take for whiplash symptoms to appear?


Injury treatment options that help the painful symptoms following a rear-end accident includes:

  • Full Medical Exam.

  • Disability Evaluation.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation.

  • Minimally invasive treatment options, such as Epidural Steroid Injection.

  • Massage Therapy.


Car Accident Doctors:



DHD Medical, PC
Physical Medicine · Rehabilitation

2132 Ralph Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11234

(347) 875-4763

DHD Medical, PC
Physical Medicine · Rehabilitation

3907 4th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11232

(347) 457-3012

DHD Medical, PC
Physical Medicine · Rehabilitation

265 Madison Ave 4th Floor

New York, NY 10016

(646) 214-0075







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